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Getting Back into Shape After Baby

It was no doubt that once my daughter was born, staying in shape may have been put on the back burner. My life instantly became filled with the joys of being a father and sleeping less, staying in shape just didn’t seem as important as it used to.

I had also completely underestimated the amount of work it took to take care of a baby. I used to tell my (older) co-workers that I would still have plenty of time to do activities after the baby was born, I was wrong. And even on the days I did have time, I chose to spend it with mommy and baby. There was nothing more I loved (and still do) than being a father. I would much rather spend my days changing poopy diapers than catching a few waves at the beach.

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Another Miscarriage



Didn’t think it could happen… But it did. After enduring what we thought was the unimaginable we were struck with another miscarriage.

My wife did everything different this time. After the first miscarriage she began going on a major health kick. We usually eat pretty healthy regardless and consume junk in moderation. But she took it another step. My wife decided she was going to help prepare her body for another pregnancy by eliminating caffeine and alcohol, reducing her running and exercising, eating less junk (if at all), etc. All the things you would usually do once you found out you were pregnant. Continue reading “Another Miscarriage”

What My Child Has Taught Me

It is funny, as parents, our job is to teach and guide our child as they grow up. We teach them to crawl, walk, have good manners, etc. But have you ever sat back and realized what you can learn from your child?

From the moment they are born, they are perfect. And I don’t mean that in the cliche sense of the term we use when we talk about our babies; I mean that they are perfect. From the moment my daughter was born she exists in the present. She doesn’t fret or debate her past and she doesn have anxiety about her future; her every conscious exists in this very moment.  Continue reading “What My Child Has Taught Me”

“Daddy, I want a golden goose.”

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I remember when I was growing up, I was always wanting something; another surfboard, another video game, more waves, etc… When I would get what I wanted, I would be happy, and for as long as the objectivity of my desire felt “new,” I would remain happy. When the effect wore off or I got bored, I would then begin to want something else; I would constantly think about how I wanted it, how I needed it. I don’t know if I was ever truly content with what I had at that moment.

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A Dad’s View on Breastfeeding

Prior to my daughter being born, I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. People were arguing about whether women should be allowed to breastfeed in public. I didn’t understand why people were getting so offended by it, or why moms were making a big deal about feeding in public.

Once we had my daughter, when we would go out to eat, we would make sure to go in the off-hours and ask for a table in the far corner where people would be less likely to see us if my wife had to feed the baby. Even if we were out of site, my wife would cover herself up with a blanket in order to feed the baby. It seemed pretty uncomfortable for my wife, and it was hard to feed my daughter when she would keep coming on and off of my wife. Continue reading “A Dad’s View on Breastfeeding”

It’s a Way of Life: Cold Water Surfing 

The night before, we saw one of the worst snow storms in recorded history. We had accumulated another 4 to 5 feet of snow on top of the many feet that were already on the ground. During the storm the snow got so heavy that plow trucks were unable to plow because it was just to dangerous. Many people lost power across the region and the storm caused massive amounts of damage to the towns in its path. Continue reading “It’s a Way of Life: Cold Water Surfing “

Why I Turned to Buddhism.

A few years ago, when my anxiety was through the roof. I managed to some how stumble into Buddhism. Ever since then, Buddhism has helped me to greatly lower the amount of anxiety I have on a daily basis. It also has helped me become a better person and father by learning their Dharma.

Initially, I started going to a Buddhist temple to learn to meditate. As I said above, I was looking for a way to control anxiety. I had read about all the health benefits of meditating and decided I wanted to give it a try. So, what better way to learn how to meditate than going through a Buddhist center. I began going, and after a few weeks, I was successfully meditating for extended periods of time.

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My Daughters First Black Eye.



I will never forget the first time my daughter got a black-eye. She was just shy of a year old and we are all sitting on my in-laws back porch. All of a sudden I heard a thump and my daughter started screaming at the top of her lungs. She had fallen and smacked her eye on the metal track for the sliding glass door. It instantly swelled up and started forming a nice big shiner.

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What Death Taught me About Life

For the second time in my life I had to observe a close friend’s tragic death. In moments like these, I realize just how fragile life really is. Not everyone gets the luxury of making it to old age, some times death comes knocking at the door a little early. Of course none of us want or expect it to happen to us, but going through this has taught me a lot about life.

It has taught me about life’s impermanence. Death is inevitable; it is like the old saying goes, there are only two gaurantees in life, death and taxes. I feel like death was a surreal concept to me prior to going through these traumatic events. But now that I have gone through these experiences, I realize that I am not invincible. My life is as fragile as the person standing next to me.

And thus I live by these simple rules: Continue reading “What Death Taught me About Life”

I never want my daughter to have to experience this…

Everything stops around me, all of a sudden I feel like I am chained to floor with the weight of the world on my chest. I can’t breathe, my vision begins to blur. What’s happening? What’s wrong with me? Am I dying? It gets harder and harder to breathe, the weight on my chest gets heavier, the chains holding me down get tighter.

Now, I am trapped in a cage. My heart is racing out of control. Am I having a heart attack? Am I dying? The pounding in my chest begins to hurt. I can hear the beat in my ears; I clench my chest with my fist and shut my eyes as hard as I can. I open them…. Continue reading “I never want my daughter to have to experience this…”

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